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About Denise Bruchman ~ Reiki Master
Whoís Out There? (Basic Introduction/Gallery Reading) Spirits. Loved Ones. Spirit Guides. Angels. Archangels. Ascended Masters. What the heck is everyone talking about? Youíve heard a lot of terms bandied about on all the ghost hunting shows and by mediums, but what do they really mean? And how do they apply to you? Learn about the various spirits all looking out for your best and highest good. Find out if thatís your grandmother, first grade teacher or some other benevolent being helping you out and seemingly providing the answers to your dilemmas. Approximately 2 hours Who are Your Spirit Guides? Spirit Guides are souls who are dedicated to helping us get through this process we call life. They have a much better view of the situations we are in and have access to much better, truer information than we do in our physical bodies. They may or may not have ever lived an incarnate life, but they are one important level of our vast support team. And we all hear their advice whether we are aware of it or not. I will provide you with the names of some of the guides around you, but you will also learn how to relax and listen more effectively. Youíll learn to recognize the difference between your analytical mind presenting an answer and your guides popping in with their own solution. Using the skills you will learn, you can begin to rely on your intuition more and find an easier path to your goals. Approximately 2 hours Healing 101 Reiki, Angelic Healing, Massage, Acupuncture, and Acupressure are all amazing techniques for battling injury and illness, but if you donít want to take a lengthy in-depth course to get certified, what can you do? Learn the various ways you can use the energy all around you to perform simple healing and stress relieving for you and those around you. You really can do it! This is the laymanís introduction to energetic healing and anyone can do this. Youíll learn how to ground yourself and clear your own energy to keep yourself healthy, how to apply energy to an injury or ailment, as well as how to use these techniques on friends and family members for their best and highest good. Approximately 2 hours Psychic Self-Defense Do you tend to pick up energy from those around you, leaving you exhausted and jittery? Or maybe you find that you are really sensitive to anger and pain felt by others, including by those who have passed on. Do you want to practice your psychic/energy techniques, but worry about attracting negative spirits in the process? Think you have someone or something in your house messing with your positive vibe? Learn how simple techniques can keep you safe and shielded from all the wild energy surrounding you, including from the guy/gal in the cubicle next to you. Whether itís dealing with coworkers or spirits, these methods can greatly improve your quality of life as you become more confident and relaxed, knowing that you are protected. Learn a few simple tricks to clearing your home or work space and feel safe there. Approximately 2 hours Manifesting for the New Year Do you find that you seem to get stuck in a rut when it comes to making resolutions for the New Year and they never get fulfilled anyway? How would you like to learn to eliminate all those roadblocks that have stood in your way and really get down to business changing your life? Students learn to ground themselves, clear their energy, and best of all, get rid of all those layers of masks, deceptions, and doubts weíve let build up over the years that keep us stuck in place. By the end of the class youíll be ready to start the New Year with serious resolutions and the intent to get them done. Approximately 2 hours Stress Reduction & Basic Energy Uses Is your busy schedule and all that is expected from you on a daily basis wearing you out? Learn:
  • What your chakras are, what they do, and how to clear them to detoxify yourself at an energetic level.
  • How to infuse food and drink with energy and healing intentions.
  • How to meditate and reduce stress.
  • How to heal with energy.
  • Psychic self-defense.
  • Who your guides and guardians are, and how they can help you.
This course combines a basic introduction to energy and the forms of Spirit all around us with the principles from the Healing 101 and Psychic Self-Defense classes to empower you. Youíll also get an introduction to what Reiki and Angelic healing is and learn how to move energy in the direction that you need. Students learn to ground themselves, clear their energy, and best of all, get rid of all those layers of masks, deceptions, and doubts weíve let build up over the years that keep us stuck in place. By the end of the class youíll have the tools you need to be ready to face what life throws at you. Approximately 5-6 hours