Reviews "The 42 individual stories are vastly different yet along a similar theme of true fright of the old masters of terror. I could think of nothing that would have been more perfect than having Vincent Price read them to me." - Anonymous Reader. "This book goes back to the style of Poe and Lovecraft and makes you wonder just what that noise was that you thought you hard in the basement or the attic. Makes a reader believe that the dead are not as dead as we might think! Highly recommend it if you want a good scare!!!!!" - Anonymous Reader. "The new writers have really added some gems of great tales that you just have to get the book and see for yourself." - Anonymous Reader.
Hands of Fate Nick's queer old grandfather raised his grandchildren on fantastic stories of evil artifacts and grand battles to save the world until he finally drove the family away with his paranoia and delusions. Now the Campbell patriarch is dead... Buy it from Amazon

Tribute to the Passing Shade This collection combines fictitious characters with those I’ve known over the years and hopefully creates a warm, tingly, eerie, comfy, and unusual space full of psychic energy and unnerving possibilities for you to experience and to consider. And just because your home may be a brand new apartment or house with no historical reason to be haunted rather than a well-seasoned place with too many shadows to account for, doesn’t mean that you are alone… Buy it from Amazon

Lesser of Two Evils (Robert Bloch’s Psychos) A Russian Gypsy woman, who is more than she appears, faces off with a man possessed by the spirit of Jack the Ripper. Read an Excerpt
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Fates' Exile (Imagination Fully Dilated) Honorable Mention in the 12th Annual Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror Anthology Whatever happened to the sailors whose ships sank after hearing the Sirens' call? One modern day sailor and his buddies find out when they are lured to a remote island. Read an Excerpt

Chasing the White Light (Imagination Fully Dilated 2) Everyone has their own idea of what happens after you die, but when two street punks OD, they find out what the white light is really all about. Read an Excerpt

Promises Kept (Dead on Demand)
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A Stitch in Time (Cemetery Sonata) Ethel has spent her entire life doing for others and putting their needs before her own. Now she's determined to finish a very important project despite the calls from her good friend, Billy, to come out and play. Read an Excerpt
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The Passing (Cemetery Sonata 2) A woman has to come to terms with the death of her young daughter and the loss of her best friend, but her daughter doesn't want her to give up quite yet. Read an Excerpt
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Amy Will Never Know (Hemoglobin’s: Stories to Chill the Blood) Read an Excerpt

Diary of a Serial Killer: Deception Pass (Errata Magazine) While touring the San Juan Islands, a serial killer finds his next victim at an aptly named bridge. Read an Excerpt

Thoughts of an Insane Man (
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