Fun Facts... Did you know that my favorite artists are Michael Whelan, Alan M. Clark and Ansel Adams? Did you know that my favorite Gallery is The Artists' Gallery?
About Denise Bruchman ~ Photographer
I'm Denise M. Bruchman, an award winning photographric artist. I have captured images from all over the Pacific Northwest, as far east as Wyoming, as well as images in Alaska, New Zealand, and Scotland so far. I especially love historic lighthouses, covered bridges, ghost towns, old barns, and other pieces of our past. I have long been an avid photography hobbyist. However, after getting my first digital camera, my hobby evolved into something far greater than I could have ever imagined and became the fine art you now see. My passion for the Oregon coast, lighthouses, whale watching, old architecture and landscapes from all over the Northwest was finally unhindered by film and processing and able to represent the windows into other places and other eras that I had envisioned. Color, black and white, and sepia images all became possible without the limitations of different kinds of film. The camera could do it all at anytime. Now I travel around capturing what I see in a media more true to my vision to share with the rest of the world.